Questions to ask before renting a home

December 22,2016 | Posted By Admin

Moving to a new home can be very exciting but finding a house you can call home is surely a daunting task. There are a number of things you should always consider before signing that dotted line:

What to search?

First of all, think about the area where you want to move in. Take a sheet of paper and jot down all your requirements about the location. Do you want a house close to work or school? Are you looking for a house that has free parking or allows pets? Is it near a noisy pub? How about the medical services within your reach? Check out the location and surroundings to get a fair idea.

What is the budget?

It is important to consider how much you can afford so focus your research according to your budget. It will not only provide you peace of mind in the long run but also lets you pay timely.

Where to search?

If you do not wish to pay broker’s services then the next thing is to search through the newspaper, online, word of mouth or other mediums available. You will know the trends of the rental market and help you get a better deal.

Have you checked the appliances and water pressure?

It is best to check all the appliances such as washing machine, fridge, freezer, microwave etc to avoid any hassle later. If you are willing to have a fully furnished house, then you should inspect them and confirm the landlord in writing that all are working satisfactorily. Also take in black in white form landlord what if anything breaks down? If there is any damage before moving in, inform the landlord immediately. Make sure there is no problem with the water pressure.

Have you conducted a thorough inventory?

Be wise to inspect the entire provided inventory. Check all the pipes for leaks, double check sink faucets, shower heads and water, make sure appliances are in working order, inspect the walls, be sure that all the windows and doors are in good condition. There are many things to consider apart from price and area.

Have you thoroughly gone through the documents?

It is must know and agree to all the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement before going ahead. Know if the rent includes electricity, water, heating, the internet and other bills. You can always ask your landlord to get the house cleaned, repainted and repaired (if required). The most important thing is to make sure that everything is done before you have made payments. Be sure that all the names, dates and other details (duration of the tenancy, amount, the length of notice) are duly filled and verified in all respects. You can always challenge any terms and conditions you are not happy with. Know and confirm how rent increment policy works.

Have you got everything in black and white?

You like the apartment and the landlord likes you, there is no harm to negotiate a bit and get a deal. The last but not the least certainly is to get everything in written. Verbal expressions can always be manipulated but nobody can challenge written expressions.