Tips for the first time landlords

May 01,2016 | Posted By Admin

Being a landlord seems to be a terrible idea when you ought to hear that you will have a hard time managing a tenant. We are sure you have also come across with all these negative thoughts/advices. No one can deny the truth “Experience is the teacher of all things”. But before you enter into real estate investing, read on the tricks that might work wonders for you:

Be informed:To be a successful landlord, you need to be armed with the knowledge in order to handle the problems. The best way is to get educated. Education is not just limited to high school or college.  Books, mentors, courses are some of the wonderful ways to learn what works and what doesn’t. Never be in dilemma. Head over to reputed online real estate forum which are equipped with seasoned investors/professionals. Keep a track of upcoming trends and be in touch with others investors. In short, be vigilant.

Follow your rule book:If you are making rules as situation arises, you are simply inviting problems. When you make rules on the spot, your tenants will easily make out and don’t take things on serious note. They will feel the possibilities of bargaining. Instead create a policy and strictly follow it. In this case, you don’t have to explain things; you can always refer to the policy. Nobody question when it is in black and white and duly informed.

Be decisive and set limits: A professional always works in office hours. This is also applied to the real estate business. How about receiving a repair call after 8p.m.? As a landlord, you need to set your office hours. Let your tenants know your availability in advance to avoid any hassle. If the work is too urgent, they can always leave a massage. This will not only give you peace of mind but also help your tenants to be aware.

Outsource if required:If you are skilled to do the basic repairs yourself, do it. But if you can’t fix things, hire it out. In order to be a successful landlord, you should know how to manage repairs and face the problems.  Don’t strain yourself by doing everything on your own.  It is always advisable to get engaged in something you love rather than to be trapped.

Put things in order: Arranging all the forms, maintenance contracts, procedures and other related documents may seem small and trivial issue but they hold utmost importance in the success of a business. Keep all your organisational tools neatly in order for easy retrieval.

Be strict: It may sound cruel but adhere to the rules. Don’t hesitate to charge a late fee in case of rent payment. But make sure to inform about the policy in advance. When the tenants know about the late fee clause, they will somehow manage the rent on time.

Relationships may turn bitter: Business doesn’t run on emotions so try not to rent out to family/ friends. Every time you face a problem, you always end up screwing yourself or losing a relationship. As a landlord, you have to deal with lot of touch decisions and awkward conversations. So be professional and keep your relationships healthy.